October 01, 2010

10 Amazing Images

  • My First appointment with the work was online when I feelled very bored.But when I seen this Job,I am sure I was attracted with  the illustration,which creatived by Anna  Rusakova, the illustrator was a woman  from  Ukraine.  I really like this style and I think I can get some ideas from her job,especially  the lines ,in my openion this very beautiful and lovely. Through the Anna Rusakova illustrations, I was particularly drawn to her ‘The Little Things of Life’ collection. Appreciating the little things has always been one of the maxims I live by, but her take is decidedly more adorable and creative.From what I see,maybe some of her works was the collections,but,I think it not only collection but also it was simply filled with life’s little pleasures.It is also my favourite.So Anna Rusakova illustrations are not only eye-opening, but charming as well.
         So I think I would like to continue to collect her works and  it could help me to get some sense of my ideas come out.  She said ''
    It’s important to pay attention to small things. They make up the big things, the same way a big journey begins with a small step.''Right,I really agree with
her,And if we do at least draw these small items, there’ll be gratitude.And I also would like use small things to create something bigger.If I could


I’m Not Made of Steel


  • Breast Cancer Foundation Advertising
    The ads (see slideshow below) were created by illustrator Andy Yang Soo Kit and DDB Worldwide, Singapore, for the Breast Cancer Foundation's Awareness & Education Programme, and feature the best use of nude body painting I've seen yet: Working to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.

        I choose this because this from is so lovely and interesting even though this is an advertising about Breast Cancer.And I think it is also a
    imaginative method to emphasisa serves as a much-needed reminder that breast cancer is a matter of life and death .


    •   This women body furniture piece by sculptural furniture maker Peter Rolfe. Peter Rolfe explained
      "My current work is heavily influenced by nature, using shapes that we all recognize but would not be traditionally thought of as furniture forms."
     This is a furniture.I like it and I think it is so nice .It is not only a furniture but also an art work.   


    • This work is created by another  my favourite illustratior named natalie shau,she comes from  Lithuania (Vilnius).She works mainly in digital media and Natalie’s works are mixture of her photography, digital painting and 3D elements. She enjoys creating surreal and strange creatures, fragile and powerful at the same time.
    I was attracted by her illustration ,her work always use  a strongly comparation with comparative and sharp match colorsand  .When I frist look her work,I got a feeling of mystery - eerie, foggy, spectral and hushed from the painting..I was very impressed with it.