May 14, 2011

Tony‘s Gallery

Today,I went to visit Tony's Gallery...It's amazing !!
 It is delighted to present ' Bortusk  took a trip'  .
 The first solo show by UK artist Bortusk Leer.
   I  really like this style  of his drawing,so cute~~~~!!

May 10, 2011

Biography ---the final work

The final work about biography, I made a flash about Wesley Willis.
At the beginning  ,I think the flash is so hard to me because I know less about how to make a flash 
animation.So I find some tutorial resources online , and one step by one step ,finally, I finished the work.
Even though it seems that very simple what I made, but I think I can learn more though the whole process⋯⋯

Here are some screenshots about my flash,sadly ,I don't know how to upload in my blog ⋯⋯