January 12, 2012

Went to Oxford

 Before the Christmas holiday, we went to Oxford to visit two museums for our study project. One is Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford  and the other is  Oxford University Museum of Natural History. This was my first time to Oxford, so really happy...

In Oxford University Museum of Natural History.Highlights include dinosaur skeletons, the most complete remains of a dodo anywhere in the world, and a comparative collection of mammal skeletons.
In addition to the big animal exhibits, the museum is packed with interesting insects, fascinating fossils, and marvellous minerals.
There’s also an active beehive and a most amazing, and very well studied, Swift population living in the ventilation flues of the Museum’s tower.

Very nice tutor Adrian


And after  the  we visited another one. I think the Pitt River  museum is one of the most special, magical places in the country! For myself, an illustration student and the whole place is full of inspiring objects. The way of classifying the objects (i.e. by their function rather than their age or place of origin) creates an amazing story of human kind. It enables you to see that people all over the world over thousands of years have been making tools and objects in similar ways for similar purposes. It is a spectacular building (don't EVER move), yes, dimly lit. The objects have hand written labels, not boards full of writing. You learn by looking, not by reading.

the  administrator of Pitt River museum  introduce  for   us