March 14, 2011

the mansifesto:final ,book banding

So happy,our pop-up book about the project manifeste has been
finished today afternoon.
this is our frist pop-up book
belong to us
it is a hard work and sometimes we thought it is so many and boring
but everyone in our group try our best to do it
and we are so happy with each other
I think the style of pop-up book is interesting and  special , and on the other hand ,personally like pop-up book very much .So though meeting in our group
finally,we decided to use the style of pop-up to do the manifesto.
process of  stitching 
the cover


project society:manifesto---we want to creat a pop-up book

I did  the cover of our manifesto

communication -----mailbox

these about the reaources of our sweet wonderland,
haha  I took a photo with my litte sheep

our homeland looks like a cake ,so I did a pop-up cake
so this is the process I made