November 08, 2012

How about Dominos ?

Printable Dominoes Activity for Kids

Printable Dominoes for Kids
Whether you headed to the cabin on last time for some end-of-summer camp­ing or sim­ply want your preschooler to get a jump start on play­ful learn­ing, these sim­ple shape domi­noes are just the thing.
Printable Dominoes
Print­ing Out The Domi­nosStart by down­load­ing the print­able domi­noes tem­plates (down­load front here, down­load back here). Print out all three sheets of the front of the domi­noes on a thick card stock (I used heavy water color paper to add some texture).
Once you have all three domino fronts printed, turn them over and print onto the backs using the domino back PDF. (If you want a more per­ma­nent ver­sion, you could even affix the tops to card­board or wood rec­tan­gu­lar tiles, using Mod Podge, and then affix the back pat­tern to the other side).
Once the backs and fronts of the domi­noes are printed cut them out on the thin lines. You are now ready to play!
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