February 20, 2013

how to paint those blank wooden dolls into an awesome piece of art!

We would like to welcome you to our online Matryoshka painting Master Class!
In this online tutorial you will learn how to paint those blank wooden dolls into an awesome piece of art!
In this workshop we will be painting Matryoshka in Gorodets style. Please keep in mind that on our physical workshops we learn how to paint the nesting dolls in Semenovo stylepractice in folk painting under guidance of professional folk painting teacher, learn some history and interesting facts about Russian folk arts. Physical workshops are quiet different from what you will see below.
If you need to get blank wooden dolls for painting first, you should go here:ONLINE STORE or come to our location right before or after workshops and buy the dolls.
So, let's begin!

 It's nice to look at the matryoshka dolls, but it's even nicer to create your own matryoshkas. This opens endless opportunities for creativity and imagination. 
Before we begin let's prepare all the materials needed:
1. Pencil
2. Eraser
3. Brush number: № 0, № 2, № 4 (we use artificial squirrel)
4. Palette
5. Paint (we use gouache or tempera. Acrylic is good but only for the background or in the mix with gouache)
6. Cotton sticks
7. Soft cloth (or paper towel)
8. Oil based clear Lacquer for wood (you can buy it in Home Depot)
9. Something to cover your working place/table because things can get a little messy.  

See tutorial Here

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